Reimagining the path to
success for all students

Catalyze supports innovations in career-connected learning that meaningfully bridge education and career.
the problem

Our education system promises economic opportunity for all — but right now, too many students graduate high school and college without the resources, skills, and support needed to thrive in their careers.

the solution

Catalyze is a grant program that funds, learns from, and shares bold ideas that rethink the connections among K-12, higher education, and career for students in grades 6-14. Catalyze:


  • Sources novel career-connected learning ideas
  • Sparks innovative new partnerships
  • Supports models that boost access to economic opportunity


  • Defines the opportunity for career connected learning
  • Assesses the impact of new models
  • Studies why innovations succeed


  • Raises awareness of student needs
  • Spotlights successful innovations
  • Communicates the impact of career-connected learning

How can we spark young
people's journey to economic opportunity by better connecting education and career?


Catalyze Challenge

The Catalyze Challenge offers grants to design, pilot, and expand learning models that support young people in accessing economic opportunity and lifelong success. The Challenge's Accelerate award grants up to $500k to models ready to serve students, and the Ignite award grants up to $50k for planning and research.
Catalyze 2022

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Learning from our community, Catalyze collects data and surfaces findings about innovations that impact students and families and influence educators, employers, and policy-makers. Sign up below to stay up to date and see what we’re learning.

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