Abretech/Cultivate Pathways

AbreTech is building a new path to upward mobility for English language learners by developing emerging bilingual talent for in-demand careers in the tech industry. Their cross-sector model includes paid bilingual internships, employer-valued certifications, and access to social capital.

Accelerate Winner August 19, 2022

English language learners face barriers in the education to career system. Lacking an open educational pathway, students end up working in low-wage, often exploitative jobs, and are structurally excluded from economic mobility.

AbreTech is breaking new barriers in the education to career sector. Their model is designed specifically for multilingual learners, with carefully crafted solutions to barriers based on language and immigration status. Disrupting the “English first” status quo, their dual language career training, paid bilingual internships for high school students, and mentorship from Latinx tech professionals sets them apart. Emerging bilingual young people are capable of mastering technical career skills and 21st-century skills at the same time that they master the English language. AbreTech blurs the lines between high school, industry, and certification to build new equitable pathways to careers. Their model creates new infrastructure between high schools and districts, tech training providers, and employers. AbreTech combines the resources of career technical education in high schools, with Latinx industry mentorship networks, and the hands-on experience of professional bilingual technologists as success coaches.

AbreTech is a partnership between Cultivate Pathways, CodeSpeakLabs, and the Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI).


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