WeThrive – EducationWeThrive

A work-based learning program helping youth launch and run real businesses, leveraging best-in-class curriculum and self-guided interactive modules to activate youth as change makers.

Accelerate Winner October 07, 2021

WeThrive Education equips underestimated youth to own their future. Youth identify problems in the community, sharpen the ideas into viable micro-enterprises, and use seed funding WeThrive provides to launch, earning real revenues and real traction. This initiative is a work-based learning program helping youth launch and run real businesses. WeThrive leverages a best-in-class curriculum and self-guided interactive modules to activate youth as change-makers who create real companies, earning real revenues as they perfect the practice required to achieve economic prosperity. The organization provides students with mentorships, life skills training, financial training, and funding needed to develop and launch their business ideas. WeThrive aims to support a generation of students to unleash their intellectual and economic potential and close racial wealth and achievement gaps throughout the United States.

“WeThrive gave me the ability to do things I never thought I was capable of. Not only did I learn the ropes of becoming an entrepreneur, but I was taught how to speak to people and tools that could lead me to success in nearly any situation. WeThrive isn’t about creating a company, it’s about building opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available.” – Megan, Co-founder of UNI

“Our corporate advisors listened to us and understood our business idea. Our person knew a lot about laws and things we need to do if we are going to babysit kids and make this a bigger business.” – Courtney, Co-founder of Hoot Hoot Babysitting

“Kids never ask why are we doing this or why is this important. It’s obvious that it’s real and it has real life implications.” – Shane, IB Career Program Coordinator at DC International

For more information about WeThrive and EducationWeThrive, visit teamwethrive.org. Resources for interested Workforce Boards and School and Community Organizations are also available.


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