Propel America – Accelerate America

Accelerate serves recent high school graduates from historically marginalized communities who primarily identify as Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC).

Accelerate Winner October 06, 2021

Propel America’s Accelerate America initiative allows high school graduates to access affordable and quick pathways to a living-wage job and college credits in collaboration with AccelerateU at National Louis University. Participants receive individual guidance and support from a career coach to help them build the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in both higher education and the workplace.  

The initiative supports a diverse cohort of young adults enrolled in medical assistant certification fellowships in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Louisiana, and Rhode Island, with a coaching curriculum that is culturally relevant and invites young people to bring their lived experiences into their learning. Accelerate fellows who complete the program are guaranteed interviews with companies ready to hire. Accelerate removes the barriers young people face, and makes hard work pay off the ways it’s supposed to.

For more information about Propel America and the Accelerate America program, visit


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