Hack the Hood – Designing a High School to Tech Career Pathway

Hack the Hood uplifts early career youth and communities of color through tech skill-building programs grounded in justice while ensuring economic mobility.

Ignite Winner October 07, 2021

Hack the Hood uplifts early career youth and communities of color through tech skill-building programs grounded in justice. They also provide career navigation support that ensures economic mobility. 

Hack the Hood is piloting a one-year community college cohort experience for learners to obtain a Computer Information Systems Associate of Science degree and/or STEM certification, and land a paid tech career opportunity. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend, career mobility training, and work with mentors throughout the program. Fellows will be connected to experiential learning opportunities with local small businesses and tech companies, and will participate in regular peer and mentor resource sessions. In partnership with Laney Community College, learners will receive foundational math, computational thinking, and career development skills while ensuring they have a positive first introduction to tech that motivates further learning and persistence. 

Since 2013, Hack the Hood has served over 1,300 learners of color, ages 16-25, by teaching them web design fundamentals and paying them to build websites for over 450 small business owners across the Bay area. In 2020, Hack the Hood developed its curriculum to increase the technical rigor, to include data science fundamentals, and to ground it in tech justice — using technology to build community-based solutions.

“My goal is to continue the work we’ve begun years ago to help young people find employment and find themselves – we’re in the business of people development. What sets us apart is our vision: we want students of color to see themselves in the tech space.”  – Tiffany Shumate, Hack the Hood Executive Director

“Computer Science is a powerful tool that allows me to use few resources to make large, positive impact on my community.” – Hack the Hood Learner

For more information about Hack the Hood and Designing a High School to Tech Career Pathway, visit hackthehood.org.


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