Crowder College – Digital Pathways in the Rural Heartland

An initiative to reshape the narrative about career opportunities in rural America to include a flourishing digital workforce.

Accelerate Winner October 07, 2021

With their Digital Pathways in the Rural Heartland initiative, Crowder College and Codefi have partnered to reshape the narrative about career opportunities in rural America from one centered on manufacturing and agriculture to one that includes a flourishing digital workforce.

The Digital Pathways in the Rural Heartland offers courses for middle and high school students in rural Missouri to learn about career opportunities and gain professional experience in software development.

After completing the coursework from this initiative, students will receive industry-recognized credentials and work experience that opens doors to well-paying careers in the digital economy. This initiative will contribute to eliminating skills and opportunity gaps and strengthening local economies.

“Ideally, when we finish our first year, we have students that are employable because of regional CTE [Career and Technical Education] experience. In the meantime at Crowder, we have Postsecondary learning options to continue if they choose to.“ – Chett Daniel, Crowder College Director of Research and Innovations

For more information about Crowder College and the Digital Pathways in the Rural Heartland, go to To learn more about their partner Codefi go to


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